Let's support Ukraine together


On February 24, 2022, the life of every Ukrainian will be radically changed and the whole civilized world will be stunned. The war that russia started in 2014, hit Ukraine with unprecedented force.

To date, ProfITsoft has had ambitious plans, which have been implemented step by step in the following:

  • completion of renovation of own office: modern repairs, new jobs, equipment upgrades;
  • active onboarding of new qualified specialists;
  • concluding new contracts with clients.

In accordance with generally accepted international practices, ProfITsoft had approved Business continuity plan (BCP), which provided an algorithm of urgent actions to ensure continuity of business processes in the case of an extraordinary situation. In order to ensure the rapid activation of BCP, our team implemented the following measures:

  • the server infrastructure of ProfITsoft is located on external servers outside the territory of Ukraine;
  • a funded program to provide specialists with a modern laptop;
  • ProfITsoft specialists and management had plans and resources for remote work from any safe place.

Unfortunately, the war can not be prepared for 100%. The first two weeks of the new reality the work was carried out in the mode 24/7, which allowed to carry out reorganization of specialists and management of the company, to withstand turbulence of business processes, to organize transfer of necessary equipment to specialists, to provide humanitarian needs of team members (help with search of housing, fuel for cars, help in variants on transport, reasonable financial assistance). The main goal of saving the team and clients was fulfilled.

It is necessary to note our clients and partners, who with maximum understanding have treated objective difficulties of delivery of services in the first days of war. This position has provided ProfITsoft with even more strength to quickly set up the process of rendering services in contract volumes.

Today ProfITsoft continues to operate in normal mode, fully controls the integrity of the team and internal processes, and also continues to supply quality services, in full compliance with the terms of the current contracts.

Our strategy is aimed at active business expansion, support of the Ukrainian economy, assistance to the Armed Forces of Ukraine and providing highly competitive conditions of cooperation with our it specialists, which are realized in specific cases:

  • advance payment of taxes to the state;
  • financial support of the Armed Forces of Ukraine by sending a part of profit of ProfITsoft to specialized charitable and volunteer organizations (in particular, a special account of the NBU, the Charitable Fund "Come back alive" and others);
  • signing of new contracts with Ukrainian it specialists, expansion of teams and preservation of places in projects and payment of awards to the specialists who were mobilized.

We are proud and support the members of the ProfITsoft team who fight Ukraine’s independence in the ranks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the Territorial defense of Kharkiv!

ProfITsoft together with Ukraine!