How is the Internship?
Once a week in the online mode, you are given a lecture and a practical task. All intern materials are obtained using A month after the start, you are already working in a real team on a real project and undergoing training on real tasks.

How many people are planned to be recruited to the Internship?
Internship is planned to recruit up to 50 people: "Java Developer".

What do you need to enter the Internship?
Send resume to by October 23, 2022.
In response to your letter, you will be invited (or rejected based on the results of the resume review) to an online test, and then maybe additionally to an online oral interview.

How long does it take to do an internship?
At least 7-8 hours a day.

How long will the internship last?
Individually from 1 to 3 months depending on the effort and results

In the internship you will gain knowledge and skills:

  • 1 Basics of Java. Object model, data types. Exceptions
  • 2 Collections
  • 3 Unit-testing. Maven
  • 4 I/O streams. Serialization/deserialization. Parsing of text files. Regexp
  • 5 Work with XML and JSON. Jackson
  • 6 Multithreading
  • 7 Reflection. Annotations
  • 8 Basics of web application development in Java. Servlets, JSP
  • 9 Spring Framework. Spring Boot. Spring MVC. REST services
  • 10 Working with relational databases in Java
  • 11 JPA and Hibernate
  • 12 Modern Frontend part 1. JavaScript. WebPack
  • 13 Modern Frontend part 2. React, MaterialUI
  • 14 Modern Frontend part 3. React + Redux
  • 15 Modern Frontend part 4. Basic site architecture. Routing. I18n
  • 16 MongoDB
  • 17 ElasticSearch + Kibana
  • 18 Asynchronous event processing. RabbitMQ and Apache Kafka.
  • 19 Docker basics for developers
  • 20 Principles and features of microservice architecture organization. Spring Cloud
  • 21 Security of web applications. Spring Security and OAuth 2.0
  • 22 Engineering practices. Branches, Pull Requests, CI/CD

Is employment guaranteed upon completion of the Internship?
Yes, subject to successful completion of the full cycle of internship.