Oleksandr Petrychenko
Co-founder & COO of ProfITsoft

Greetings to all IT professionals and connoisseurs of Internet technologies!

My name is OLEKSANDR PETRYCHENKO, COO and co-founder at ProfITsoft, a leading software development company in Ukraine.

ProfITsoft was created more than 20 years ago, in 2002, in Kharkiv, Ukraine by IT technology enthusiasts. Since the first days, the main company goals were helping businesses, popularizing the IT sector and educating its own highly qualified personnel.

Our company was the first in Ukraine to set up a special laboratory for young IT professionals at the Kharkiv National University of Radio Electronics base. During the first few years of training, several hundred people passed the courses and became high-level specialists.

By the way, the current CTO of ProfITsoft is one of our first students 20 years ago, ANDREY PETRENKO.

After 20 years the company hasn't changed its basic principles.

Our engineers created a unique full-cycle IT product for insurance companies which is used by many insurance companies in Ukraine.

ProfITsoft currently focuses on outsourcing and outstaffing services for companies all around the world. In recent years the company has participated in complex international projects in different fields.

We also continue educating our own future experts. The company cooperates with several universities to find talented students and organize internships. We believe that ProfITsoft is one big family.

Non-stop improving the skills of our engineers is extremely important for us. We are confident that our team can deal with projects of any complexity.

By choosing ProfITsoft you choose high-quality expertise and a well-coordinated team of qualified specialists.

Be the best with ProfITsoft.